An ambitious designer with strong visual skills, creative flair and an excellent track record for solving design problems.

I have covered a range of projects; from shaping brand new interfaces for small handheld devices, to designing large scale tangible interactive installations. 


Designer in the Sports UX team focussed on visual and interaction design across all wearables and sports devices eco-system.

I work closely with a variety of teams such as; product managers, software engineers and industrial design to ensure that a successful quality product is delivered.

To that end, we define and guide the customer, user and company experiences by exploring, prototyping and specifying. Also fuelling new concepts, features, products and services in the Sports domain.

Mobile & Desktop

  • TomTom Sports (Android, iOS)
  • TomTom Golfer (Android,iOS)
  • TomTom MySport Connect
  • TomTom Sports website



  • TomTom Fitness Tracker
  • TomTom Spark Sportwatch
  • TomTom Cardio Sportwatch


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